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Gear Design & Service, located in Thomastown, Victoria, has a long history in the gear industry. Originally founded in the early 1970's by their father Graham, together with his brother Geoff (who has been associated with the gear industry since the 1930's) and sister Grace, Gear Design & Service is today owned and managed by brothers Marshall and Clayton Sanderson, who each have a lifetime of involvement with gears.

Pre-war gear cutting

Modern gear cutting machine in the 1940's

Although we have strong ties to the past, progressive thought and actions has always been part of the company's culture and today Gear Design & Service manufactures gears on some of the most advanced gear machinery in the world. In recent years we have been updating our gear machines and associated machinery with world leading CNC technology. We see the future of gear manufacturing is to invest in the latest technology, resulting in higher quality and better precision gears for our customers with shorter turn around times.

CNC gear cutting

Klingelnberg CNC spiral bevel generator 2008

We are constantly looking for better materials from our suppliers and keeping a close eye on the heat treatment of the steel, so we're always using the latest and strongest materials available to provide our customers with a better class of gears and better value for them in the long run.

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